Sonic Jump Fever: Jumping on the Halloween Bandwagon

10/28/2014 10:16 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsActioniPhone

Sonic Jump Fever

Sonic Jump Fever

Like what we did in our headline? Well, we here at are nothing short of creative. Okay, before we get ahead of ourselves, let us get back to reality. We are actually quite proud for having come up with a somewhat funny headline considering that it feels like we have been doing nothing in the last three weeks but write about Halloween events and updates in free-to-play and mobile games. Knowing that our favorite holiday of the year is finally coming up on Friday is motivating us to report on those last few All Hallows’ Eve patches here and there. 
The sequel to Sonic Jump called Sonic Jump Fever has been out since July 2014. Since then Android and iOS players have been jumping to the top with the iconic, blue hedgehog. While players were already able to play the casual game with Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, the latest Halloween update brings another staple of the franchise to the endless runner (or should we say jumper?).

Shadow the Hedgehog joins the jumping frenzy armed with his Chaos Spear. Players can choose him in a Halloween-themed special stage and collect as many pumpkins as possible in order to unlock him forever. Yup, every player that manages to get a certain amount of pumpkins can continue playing Sonic's evil alter ego in the mobile game even after the Halloween event is over. 

Source: Google Play
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