Sonic Jump Fever: The Jumping Fever is Breaking Out

07/10/2014 05:25 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsActioniPhone

Sonic Jump Fever

Sonic Jump Fever

The day has arrived. Mobile players all over the world can finally enjoy the sequel to Sonic Jump on their Android and iOS devices. The original installment came out in a very basic version in 2005. Since a lot has happened in the mobile gaming industry in the last few years, it was relaunched in a more extended and contemporary version a couple of years ago. Even so, it was about time for a sequel to this jump and run game which reinterprets the franchise.

In Sonic Jump Fever, the blue hedgehog does not run from point A to point B as you might expect. Like the title of the mobile game indicates, it focuses on Sonic’s ability to jump. There is actually no running at all in the platformer, to be precise. Players start each level at the bottom of a vertical map and jump their way to the top. The spiky protagonist does the jumping part automatically. Players tilt their smartphone or tablet to dictate in which direction his automatic jump should go. On their way to the top of the stage, players will dodge obstacles and enemies and collect as many golden rings and Chaos as possible to unlock rewards and upgrades.
As is common in the mobile gaming industry, Sonic Jump Fever was soft-launched in one specific region (Canada, in this case) a few days ago, but is available for free to all players worldwide starting today.

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