Sonic Jump Fever
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Sonic Jump Fever
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Sonic Jump Fever Description

Jump higher and higher to reach the top of each level. The blue hedgehog is back and his number one enemy is still gravity in this vertical platformer. Challenge your friends, explore a lenghty quest line, new game modes, and brand-new levels…


In 2005, Sega reinterpreted the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise when they released Sonic Jump for mobile phones. The game - which can basically be considered a mobile classic already - was the first one in which Sonic did not run his way through each level, but jumped higher and higher until he reached the top of a stage. While the Sonic franchise has been known for crossing genres in its long history, this was the first title in which the hero did not make use of his running skills or his speed at all. Now, the folks over at Sega have released a sequel to this mobile game called Sonic Jump Fever.

The jump and run title focuses rather on the former aspect of this genre. Instead of running from point A to point B and dodging obstacles on your way, you jump from the bottom of a stage to the top. It is important to note that you do not actively do the jumping. Sonic jumps automatically. Your task is to steer him in the right directions by tilting your smartphone or tablet. Make sure to collect as many golden rings as possible to unlock boosters, upgrades, and more. Play the mobile game as Sonic, Knuckles, or one of the other iconic characters from the universe. Make use of their unique abilities and upgrade their skills to get an in-game advantage.

The jump and run game features many brand new levels and an entirely new location called the Mechanical Zone. The all-new Fever Mode gave the app its name. It unleashes a fever that allows Sonic to go through the levels in hyper-speed reaching record-breaking scores.

Sonic Jump Fever also features the adorable Chaos. Find and collect them in each level. You may even recruit them as a helper to fight against your opponents, search for hidden rings, and more.

The jump and run game is available in the iTunes and the Google Play Store - completely for free. Experience Sonic like never before, anywhere you go!

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