Sonic Dash: Running into a New Update

02/27/2015 04:08 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsActioniPhone

Sonic Dash

While many Sonic The Hedgehog fans are currently desperately waiting for the release of Sonic Runners, a mobile game that will bring the franchise’s gameplay back to its roots, the folks over at Sega have launched a new update for Sonic Dash. This will tide over any impatient player and give them some new content to explore. The endless runner is currently the Sonic app that comes closest to the jump and run gameplay that players are familiar with from the hedgehog, despite being presented in 3D and not side-scrolling graphics.

The current update brings not only new gameplay mechanics to the platformer, but also new content. Many new missions await players that are just chock-full of better rewards. A new dash allows players to double their multiplier which gives them the chance to smash through the levels for extra points. As though that wasn’t enough, players will also be rewarded for running as long as they possibly can. The more they run, the higher the bonus they can collect thanks to the new Banking Bonus. Aside from that, new upgrades allow players to get the most out of each of their characters.

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