Solstice: Reborn
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Solstice: Reborn
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Solstice: Reborn Description

The Solstice Sphere has begun to hum strongly, calling out to those who would answer. Can you become the hero that is needed to control the power of the sphere?


Solstice: Reborn is a free-to-play MMORPG that is based upon the original online fantasy game, Secret of the Solstice. You must create a hero, choose a path to follow and master the skills you will need to become the most powerful legend in the land.

When you first start in the world of Solstice: Reborn, you will be known as a Xen. You must earn the right to choose a path to follow whether it is the Squire, Apprentice, Acolyte or Neophyte. Each class has unique abilities and powers.

The Neophyte is known for their speed and agility, which helps them strike at opponents quickly and efficiently. Upon first glance, an Apprentice may seem weak and feeble in simple robes; however, you cannot be fooled because they control powerful magic that bends to their will. The Squire is a master of the blade and bravely leads his companions into the most dangerous of places. Of the healing arts, the Acolyte wraps companions in healing spells which replenish weary souls and allow them to continue the battle.

Solstice: Reborn features hundreds of quests for you to complete on your journey through the world. As you quest, you will gain experience which will allow you to raise your characters level. By doing so, you will unlock powerful new abilities and skills that will further help you defeat your enemies.

There is a never a fear of travelling alone in Solstice: Reborn as there is an extensive companion system. With this companion system, you will be able to find and train fantasy pets that will always be by your side.

Solstice: Reborn brings you into a world full of fantasy and magic. Take on terrifying monsters in dark, mysterious dungeons as you journey across the land completing quests. Join a guild to take on challenges with friends or strike out on your own. The choice is yours, all you have to do is decide when to begin.

by Kyle Hayth

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