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Solstice Arena
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Solstice Arena: Offline

Whether you are one of the many classic PC gamers, enjoy playing on your mobile device or are a Mac enthusiast through and through - this online game features cross-platform gameplay and gives everyone a chance at jumping into action-packed hero battles.


With genre mammoths like League of Legends or Dota 2, it's hard to bring something new to the free-to-play market. Truly innovative MOBA games are few and far between these days, and Zynga (Dragons and Titans) is trying to break the mold with Solstice Arena. This Multiplayer Online Battle Arena is packed with unique champions, various game modes and team challenges. The publisher is calling it a Speed MOBA, hinting at the fact that each match only takes up five to twelve minutes of your time. While the player-versus-player combat is still the main focus of the free-to-play title, there’s not much farming in Solstice Arena. Forget minions, forget last-hitting - here, all you need to do to be victorious is defeat all enemy heroes.

Solstice Arena pits two teams of three against each other. Whoever manages to down their opponents first has a good chance of winning the entire match. There are various game modes for you to try out and plenty of opportunities to sharpen your skills. If you are new to the genre and want to get a feel for some of the characters first, then try playing against bots - those are "played" by artificial intelligence and usually easier to beat than other players. Once you understand your class and get to know the action online game, get ready to unleash your strategy on friends or people from all around the world. Just make sure to always communicate with your team! In games like these, team work makes a world of difference. You can also choose to solo and face only one other champion if being a lone warrior is more up your alley.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty and talk about the most important gameplay factor of any MOBA: champions. At the moment, Solstice Arena features two dozen heroes that couldn’t be more different from one another. Are you interested in rushing forward and taking a beating? Then choose someone that specializes in melee attacks and has a lot of hit points such as Roland, Khronos or Diesel. If you are more interested in staying back and hitting enemies from afar, then consider picking Dawne, Marco or Jericho. Each hero has unique abilities that either deal damage or have certain effects on other players, both positive and negative. Make sure you choose a character that you feel comfortable with!

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