Solitaire Chronicles
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Solitaire Chronicles
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Solitaire Chronicles Description

Embark on a fantastical journey through time! Sparky the Dog needs you to collect magical cards for him. Only these cards will allow the time traveling hot-air balloon to travel through time…


Meet Sparky the Dog, a friendly canine who needs your help. Sparky is caught in the past - way in the past. He’s in ancient Japan to be precise. There’s only one way for him to travel back to modern times: He has to utilize his time-traveling hot-air balloon. Unfortunately, it only runs on magical cards that need to be collected. Since he’s only a dog, Sparky needs your help! In the colorful Solitaire Chronicles, you will embark on an adventurous journey through time to collect these precious cards. The title of the online game already suggests that the gameplay is based on the iconic Solitaire card game.

Anyone who has ever owned a Microsoft Windows PC will be familiar with the game concept of Solitaire. The card game challenges players to uncover an entire deck of cards and organize them into four piles - in chronological order! Don’t worry if you’re worried that this could get repetitive after a while. MegaZebra's (Mahjong Trails, Solitaire Castle) Solitaire Chronicles transports this concept into the 21st century.

You will face a new and exciting challenge in each level. There is more to this social game than simply stacking four piles of cards. The fun game features more than three different level types. The trophy requires you to solve all cards. This might sound the most similar to the original game concept, but the rules are slightly different. You only have to uncover all the cards that are lying on the gameboard. Colors can be mixed and matched and you can count them up or down. If you have a nine, you can either choose a ten or an eight! In the worm challenge, you have to pick up the worm-infested cards in order to finish the level. The time challenge requires you to clear all the cards in a specific amount of time. The more difficult the levels get, the more power-ups you will learn in order to succeed.

Solitaire Chronicles is available for Facebook and for iPad. Connect with your friends and try to beat their high scores!

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