Solitaire Castle
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Solitaire Castle
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Solitaire Castle Description

Get ready for a spooky journey across a dark map! You will face one challenge after the next in each level. Try to solve each and any card game and collect up to three stars.


Most people will be familiar with the card game solitaire. Back when Windows 95 was the state of the art software for PCs, it was the epitome of free-to-play gaming. Each Windows computer came with a few casual games. These came in handy when the Internet modem took too long to load a picture. With the increasing popularity of free-to-play social games, many gaming franchises that had seemingly become irrelevant experienced a renaissance. Solitaire is surely one of them. The card game has especially become a relevant title on Facebook in the last few years.

Take Solitaire Castle as an example: The Facebook game has reinvented the classic gameplay concept and turned it into a modern title. Here, you will travel from one level to the next across a gorgeously spooky map. Each stage becomes increasingly more difficult adding a new twist to the basic formula with every step you take. Don’t underestimate Solitaire Castle. It might be quite simple and straightforward in the beginning, but you will need a good strategy for later levels.

On the bottom of the screen, you will find a limited amount of cards. Next to it, you can see an uncovered card that will tell you what to play. Your goal is to get rid of all the uncovered cards on the screen by creating chains. In contrast to the traditional solitaire concept, these can go up and down. If the uncovered card on the bottom is a Queen, you can either play a King or a Joust depending on what is available. Try to create a chain that is as long as possible before you uncover the next card on the bottom. It doesn’t matter how often you go up and down. You could choose a King, a Queen, a King again, and then an Ace for example. In contrast to the regular solitaire, it also doesn’t matter which color the cards have. You can combine them all with each other.

Each combination of cards will reward you with points. Collect as many as possible to get a three star rating. Since Solitaire Castle is a Facebook game, you can easily connect with your friends and brag about your highscores.

Solitaire Castle Screenshots

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