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Solitaire Arena
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Solitaire Arena Description

Treat yourself to a round of classic (and free) Solitaire either on Facebook or your mobile device! Simply sign up, challenge other players, and climb the official ranking as you test your skill against friends and family in online match-ups...


Many of us have spent hours upon hours playing simple Microsoft Solitaire to pass the time. That was before mobile gaming, online games, and snazzy graphics came along, however. Now, years later, we as a community have a whole bunch of different card games to choose from. Just take Solitaire Arena, for instance: Playing a round of cards with others has never been easier than now. Just download the free app and challenge friends and family to a match of solitaire. Those of you unfamiliar with the rules, let us bring you up to speed: You are given a regular deck of cards (minus the Jokers!) and are dealt one at a time. You will stack them in ascending order, working your way up from the Ace to the King. If everything goes well, that is...

Solitaire Arena might look super easy at first, but finishing a game can oftentimes prove tricky. Not every decision you make could be the right one and could possible mess up the entire layout. That is okay though, as you usually have a way to redeem yourself later on in the game. While the classic Windows version of solitaire is a single-player game, this mobile app right here is played online and against other players in live tournaments. Daily challenges will put your card-slinging skills to the test. The better you fare, the higher the rank on the official card game leaderboards. Reaching certain milestones will reward you with trophies which can be shared with other players.

Speaking of sharing: Are you interested in inviting friends to play with you? Sure thing, as Solitaire Arena is a card game that is based on social interactions between two or more players. You have the option of playing the free solitaire game either from the comfort of your iOS or Android mobile device or from a computer at work or at home through Facebook.

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