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SolForge Description

Watch your cards transform into new powerful minions as you level them up in this online game. Defeating other players not only takes patience, but also the right amount of tenacity and willpower. Play your cards right and fortune will smile upon you...


Online card games seem to truly be the bee’s knees in today’s free-to-play market. After Hearthstone, Duel of Champions or Shards of Fate, developers are trying to find new ways to add new gameplay mechanics to their games. In this aspect, SolForge has a unique way of putting players against each other in cutthroat battles. Every minion has its purpose, every spell can turn the tide of the game: Do you have what it takes to outsmart your opponent while keeping a close eye on the board?

Here, the difference between winning and losing often lies in knowing what your cards are capable of. To have a clear overview of what special abilities are available to you in SolForge, pay close attention to your minions and spells during your first couple of matches. This not only allows you to play more confidently when going up against other players later on, but will also give you an overall advantage in this free-to-play online game.

Being aware of the fact that "Aggressive" allows you to charge at your enemy right away helps you get rid of defensive creatures early on or finish off other players. While "Regenerate" does exactly what its name implies (namely restore health over time), it’s absolutely essential to factor in that ability in when playing a card. Don’t worry about going up against more experienced card players in SolForge, as the matchmaking will prevent that from happening. While most gameplay mechanics take a little time to get used to at first, it won’t be long before you have mastered the arts of playing the right cards at the right time. Especially when you have friends to either play with or go up against!

Prove to yourself and to others that you have the skill to beat even the most cunning card enthusiasts by participating in various game modes and taking part in player-versus-player tournaments. This fantasy card game is currently available for PC (via Steam) and the iPad (via iTunes).

SolForge Screenshots

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