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Soldiers Inc
What to expect:
  • Delve into a Dystopian Future
  • Build a Powerful Base that Is Secure against Attacks
  • Establish a Strong Army to Attack other Players
  • Network with other Players
  • Play This Strategic Browser Game for Free
  • Browser Games
  • Online Games
  • PvP
  • Strategy
  • Real Time Strategy
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Play Soldiers Inc. for Free

Strategic thinking is needed in Soldiers Inc. if you want to be the best war commander out there. Recruit new troops to build a powerful army!


Resources are getting scarce and the world is slowly coming to an end in this futuristic browser game. As a commander, it is up to you to rise to power and convince other organizations to either step back or join your cause. Soldiers Inc offers everything you expect from a strategy title: various resources to collect, new technologies to research and units to recruit. Being a diplomat isn’t always easy in times of war, so make sure to be prepared for every circumstance. Build your base from the ground up and climb the official ranks of this competitive online game by conquering new lands and defending the territory that already belongs to you and your people.

Soldiers Inc features three main resources: fuel, rations and ammunition. The best way to get started in this strategy browser game is to get the production of these materials going as soon as possible. Everything from building new structures to recruiting an army of troops costs resources that are very difficult to get by in this online world. Once you feel like you have a formidable force at the tip of your fingers that could stand its ground against opposing factions, you are asked to explore the barren lands of Zandia. Make the syndicate proud by taking out anyone or anything that might stand in your way of becoming the most powerful leader of the Soldiers Inc universe.

Stay on top of things by keeping a close eye on your radar: Should you notice another player getting suspiciously close to your base, command your units to fight back. Joining forces with like-minded generals is always a good idea in a strategy game such as Soldiers Inc: Having friends to cover for you and help you out in times of need can not only keep you from getting ambushed by more experienced players, but also gives you the chance of using your collective power to expand your territory.

Soldiers Inc Screenshots

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Soldiers Inc Videos

  • Soldiers Inc: Explosive Cinematic Trailer

    08/23/2014 02:00 am - A little wub wub here, a few explosions there: This trailer showcases what's really important when playing Soldiers Inc, the strategy browser game, with others online. And that's teamwork! Join thousands of other players today...more

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