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SolarFleet Description

Strive to have the most powerful space empire of them all as you trade with other players, explore new universes, fight against your enemies and undertake ground-breaking research...


SolarFleet is a free-to-play browser game that doesn’t require any downloads to play. Your mission is to compete against other players for ultimate dominance of the universe. You start with just a simple fighter ship, and through conquest over your opponents you are bestowed with rewards that will help you to expand your fleet and begin your colonization of other planets.

There are several kinds of ships you can master in the space-themed game SolarFleet, including impressive Battleships, large Super Dreadnoughts, swift Corvettes and smooth Frigates. Each of these ships has their own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to make wise and strategic decisions when deciding which ships your fleet will carry. Once you have acquired a fleet, you are able to customize and modify your ship, in order to improve your overall performance. You can do this through the use of shields, armors, weaponry and powercores, giving your fleet a powerful advantage over your opponents.

Once you have established your fleet, you can begin your exciting journey through the vast expanses of the universe, exploring various solar and planetary systems. It is important to keep an eye out for planets in SolarFleet that are particularly abundant in minerals and artifacts, as these planets are ideal locations to colonize. Once you have begun establishing your presence in the universe, you can begin construction of mining outposts and research facilities, and begin assigning roles to members of your empire. Empire management is a crucial aspect in the success of your large space empire in the browser game SolarFleet.

Undertake new research, acquire a large amount of weaponry, trade with other empires and earn an income at the lucrative intergalactic trading routes, in order to become the wealthiest and most powerful space empire in all of SolarFleet.

by Kyle Hayth

SolarFleet Screenshots

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