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Solar Tempest
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Solar Tempest Description

Welcome to the future, soldier. Things have gone awry and it is your duty to face seemingly endless hordes of monsters, while battling it out against other champions. Play the game modus that suits you best - either alone or with friends.


With this action game, Snail Games USA is trying a new approach to the hack'n'slay genre. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Solar Tempest can not only be played online, but also in a full, fleshed-out single player modus. It all comes down to how you want to play the game - as a lone warrior or a companion, fighting alongside your friends and team members?

In Solar Tempest, there are a couple of different races you can choose from. If you end up not particularly liking your first avatar, do not worry - you can make up to five different heroes. The only downside to having several characters is that they do not share the progress you make. What does that mean? Well, that implies that you will have to start from scratch with every character you create. This can be tiring, but it also gives you the chance to explore the virtual world with a set of new eyes.

The Ragesound Hammer gives you a melee class that uses its brute strength to smash its enemies. Each and every character is specialized in particular weapons, and said goliath is no different. Giant hammers, two-handed axes and totems - you name it. While the dark giant may be blind, his enhanced hearing most definitely makes up for that. If you prefer playing as a ranged character, feel free to use your plasma gun and pick the Flash Gunner. As the name implies, the Shadow Blade takes every opportunity that presents itself to ambush his opponents. This stealthy class often gives you an upper hand over other players and makes a champion to be reckoned with.

Roaming through this free-to-play title is extremely dangerous so you better keep an eye out for enemies that might lurk in the shadows. When it comes to the actual gameplay, Solar Tempest is similar to other action RPGs, like Akaneiro: Demon Hunters or Path of Exile.

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