SoccerStar: First Tips on the Road to Becoming a Star

02/24/2011 05:21 am by Kyle Hayth in Previews

So, we here at are all about soccer. Why? Well, it is just a great game to watch and play. We naturally jumped at the chance to try out the English version of SoccerStar and play around a bit to see what the game was all about (at work – that’s great isn’t it?).
Right off the bat, you can tell the game is light-hearted and easy-going. The graphics gave us the feeling of, “I’ve landed in a cartoon world… someone help me!”, but we got over that quickly as it is incredibly inviting and fun.

On the Road to Becoming a Star...

Let’s get started then, shall we? Creating a character to play in SoccerStar is a most pleasant experience. There is a myriad of faces and features to choose from and an astounding number of impressive mustache choices. After we chose a regal beard and a nice comb over, we were ready to get our hands – erm, feet – dirty.
Looking over the interface, we saw plenty of things to do. We could head to the massage parlor and take a nice relaxing break that we had yet to earn, a shop to buy us some new clothes, the training ground where we could get better and of course, the rankings.

A Job? What is that?

For starters, we needed to get ourselves a career. Unfortunately, being the mediocre soccer “star” that we started out as means we have to deal with the food service industry for a while… the limos will come later, hopefully. Nothing in life is free, or so the saying goes, and therefore we had to work. While that was fun and all, we really just wanted to get playing. However, with the money that we earned, we took a peek into the shop and realized we could get some cool stuff for our character like new shoes or outfits.
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