SoccerStar: Training Made Easier – New Update Coming Soon

06/06/2011 10:29 am in News

Playa Games, publishers of the free-to-play soccer sim SoccerStar, have announced their plans to roll out an update in the near future that will add some new features and improve the game play experience. Such things as paid training, a revamped energy and more are planned.


After introducing a new league system back on Memorial Day and experiencing some issues with SoccerStar, the team at Playa Games is making sure that this next update is good and ready for you to dive right in. Right now, the update is set to be launched "as soon as possible" and includes some nice new features and changes.

Among the changes, the Training area has seen some nice ones. Mainly, you will now be paid to train like a true soccer star. No longer will you have to pay to go training in the gym like some no-name player, you’ve earned your place and now you can reap the rewards. Also, you will now be able to have your character train for you when you are sleeping in real-life. This helps you get the most out of your game and you can set them to train from one hour up to ten hours while you are gone.

The club window in SoccerStar may also look a little bit different now. Some new buttons have been added to the window to make it easier than ever before to navigate through your typical club functions. For example, you can now join a club by simply clicking the "Join Club" button!

Again, all of these updates and more are scheduled to come out "as soon as possible". So get training!

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