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SoccerStar Description

Become the ultimate crazy soccer player and join in the fun of this quirky free-to-play browser game. If it is entertainment and sports you are after, then look no more...


SoccerStar is a sports game, played out from your very browser. You start out by selecting from a variety of wild and quirky avatars, each with their own personality and flair. Select your character's name, gender and facial features. You can adjust the hair color, hair style, skin color, eye shape, eye color, eyebrow shape, nose, mouth, chin, ears and physique. This variety will ensure that your SoccerStar character stands out from the other players on the playing field! You must also choose your star player a birth date and nationality, as well as allocate them a position on the field.

Through continuous training in the browser game SoccerStar your character has the opportunity to learn new skills and increase their strength. In the online soccer game there is surprisingly not just a focus on sport, but also on a whole host of other activities including clothing, relaxing, clubs, working, and nutrition. In the browser game SoccerStar you will find all the daily activities a professional soccer star may encounter in real life.

Nutrition is a key part of performing a sport well, and you will have to make healthy choices when shopping at the in-game store. Keeping a balanced diet will give your character the energy needed to kick that final goal! At the in-game clothing store you will find a variety of different items to purchase. These items will also assist your performance whilst on the field, so it is important to think strategically when purchasing clothing items.

In the quirky browser game SoccerStar you can found your own soccer club, take part in fun training exercises and even get a part-time job.

by Kyle Hayth

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