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Soccer Manager
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Soccer Manager Description

Take over the management of a whole sports club! It is in your hands to take your soccer team to the top of the leader board. With the right strategy you will succeed...


Almost every little boy would like to be a professional soccer player, but even though the plan with the great career doesn’t work out, many of them still remain connected to soccer. Maybe you, too.

Bigpoint has released a virtual soccer online game which is not only about kicking the ball. Soccer Manager is an authentic management simulation based on the popular sport soccer. Several million players have registered since the launch of the online game, and have tried to become successful soccer managers.

In the simulation, you assume full responsibility for the daily operations of a soccer team. It is important to understand the complicated issues of player procurement, training and preparing for games. But even purely administrative tasks, such as budget management, stadium renovation and merchandising programs, are in your hands.

As in all online games from Bigpoint, Soccer Manager gives you the possibility of acquiring a premium membership. It is not required in order to play Soccer Managers; however, it does have a positive impact on your opportunities in the online game.

In Soccer Manager, unlike in many other soccer simulations, the game is not only about playing on the field. Rather, you should always keep the finances of your club in mind. After all, a solid financial base can lead to success and your rise in the ranks.

by Kyle Hayth

Soccer Manager Screenshots

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