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Soccer-Match Description

Run your own soccer club and try to take it to higher leagues. There are already thousands of gamers playing this sports simulation. And every one of them wants to be the best soccer manager...


Soccer Match is a classic online game. It can be played for free. You only need an internet connection and a browser, of course. The simulation now includes thousands of players who regularly compete against each other.

Soccer Match offers more than the name suggests. The game is a sophisticated soccer manager and it’s not limited to simple booting on the field. When you take on the challenge of Soccer Match, you also take responsibility for your own club - with all the tasks required of a club manager. You define the short-term and long-term goals and take care of the financial aspect. You must also not lose sight of the training.
While you are responsible for a lot of things, when it really comes to the matches you are first and foremost a coach.

A particular characteristic of Soccer Match is the live matches in which you compete against other players. You watch the matches in your role as coach and are not directly involved as a player. If you are interested in the strategy of the game then you probably won’t mind the minimalist graphical implementation of the live game. Regarding the optics, Soccer Match is modern, but also very simple.

Management in Soccer Match is represented with a large number of tables and controls. Each button controls one aspect of your club. Every click has consequences for the future. Therefore, you must act carefully and keep an eye on everything. Reaching a higher league or winning a Cup is not easily done. But that gives you the chance to prove your skills as manager and eventually your hard work will pay off.

by Kyle Hayth

Soccer-Match Screenshots

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