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SnowBound Description

It’s winter time! Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Alastair and discover a new planet which you explore on your snowboard. You will have a lot of fun in this snowy 3D world...


In the year 2115 mankind has finally found a new planet to colonize, and luckily there are lots of ways to revive the old winter sports from Earth. Snowbound is a free client game. That means you need to download a game client before you can start for real.

At the beginning of Snowbound you decide on one of three characters: the older and quiet Jack, the super sporty Sunny or the relatively young Ed, who is a true genius inventor. You can, of course, give your character another name and make it something individual. Then you are ready for the piste.

Snowbound provides you a lot of variety. On 30 different snow tracks you can train, practice tricks and race against others. There are regular tournaments and three exciting racing modes to choose from. You earn points for each successful race, and thanks to a sophisticated bonus system, you will receive your prizes no matter what.

In Snowbound it is important to pull off spectacular stunts on your snowboard to impress your opponents and the jury. With each level you learn new tricks. With a little practice you will soon manage great combinations.

by Kyle Hayth

SnowBound Screenshots

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