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Last week, in the midst of gamescom 2015, the guys and girls over at Hi-Rez Studios released a game update for their MOBA Smite. While most media outlets were busy covering the studio’s upcoming team-based shooter called Paladins, their multiplayer online battle arena game received a brand new god. In order to retrospectively celebrate the arrival of Khepri, we here at are giving away some unlock codes for this new deity.

Khepri is the Egyptian scarab god of the sunrise and the biggest guardian ever to join Smite. The devs literally depicted him as a scarab in the MOBA (which is pretty cool in our opinion) and focused his abilities on his connection to the sun. Abduct allows him to lunge forward, damage enemies on his way, and pull a targeted enemy backwards. Rising Sun summons a sun that sets ablaze and damages all opponents it touches. Solar Flare again uses the power of the sun to deal damage and also root enemies in an area. His ultimate Scarab’s Blessing blesses an ally, granting them various buffs and an immunity to "slow" effects. At the same time, the allied god is temporarily immortal while they are blessed. If they die while they are blessed, they get revived at Khepri’s location.

If you are interested in getting this new god, you should drop us an email at! Add “Khepri” in the subject line and tell us what you love to do the most on a sunny day. The most original answers will win. Keep in mind that the unlock code are only viable for the PC version of Smite.

UPDATE: The giveaway is over. All codes have been sent out. Check out our giveaway section for new giveaways!

Source: Official game homepage

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