Smite: Get Free Loki and Medusa Unlock Codes

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The guys and girls over at Hi-Rez Studios have just recently released a brand new game update to their MOBA Smite. As you might know, this means that it is time for a giveaway here at The update called Trickster’s Illusion has added a lot of new skins to the free-to-play online game. New god skins include Dr. Vanus Sylvanus, Golden/ Legendary/ Diamond Ah Puch, and Eager Neith, among others. Most excitingly, however, the latest patch includes a major visual update for Loki. His rework is the centerpiece of Trickster’s Illusion.

The trickster god looks a lot less like a withered snake now, and more like a regal figure. His overall appearance reflects his northern heritage much more accurately – featuring a horned helmet. Loki also received a new god skin called Ssslither Loki.

Aside from that, players can look forward to a tier II Medusa skin called Mortal Coil. Instead of her usual green, this skin is mostly blue including a new headdress, bracers, and tiny helmets for her army of snakes.

Medusa and Loki!

If you are interested in receiving an unlock code for Loki or Medusa plus their aforementioned skins, hit us up at Let us know which god you are more interested in by adding their name in the subject line of your email. Tell us what makes you feel like either Medusa or Loki in your daily life. The most original answer will win! As always, these unlock codes are only viable for the PC version of the free-to-play MOBA. Good luck!

UPDATE: The giveaway is over. All codes have been sent out. Check out our giveaway section for new giveaways!

Source: Official game homepage

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