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Hi-Rez Studios has to be one of the most generous gaming studios ever. One major giveaway follows the next. While there aren’t any codes left for Ratatoskr and G.I.Zhong, players can still get early access to the Xbox One version of the MOBA. But that is not all – for the launch of their newest addition to the god roster, Hi-Rez Studios is giving away free unlock codes, and we happen to have a few of them. The centerpiece of the patch is the new god called Ravana - the Demon King of Lanka.

Ravana, his new skin, and the Dragon King skin for Ao Kuang.

This god is the first martial artist to join the Smite roster, renowned for using his body as a weapon. With his abilities, he will truly stand out on the battlefield. From his passive to his ultimate attack, all skills revolve around a close combat fighting style. Prana Onslaught is a powerful punch, Overhead Kick a high kick including a shockwave, 10-Hand Shadow Fist an onslaught of flying fists, and Mystic Rush a quick dash forward which knocks over enemies. Naturally, his attacks don’t just deal damage, but also send shockwaves and influence opponents’ stats. Check out Ravana on the battlefield in his introduction trailer.

Aside from that, the new patch also brings a brand new skin to the MOBA. Ao Kuang is receiving a skin called Dragon King. In our giveaway, you can either receive an unlock code for Ravana plus his alternate color skin called Tyrant or an unlock code for Ao Kuang and his new Dragon King skin. All you have to do is send us an email putting either “Ravana” or “Dragon King” in the subject line. Tell us how you keep cool while gaming in the summer! Good luck!

UPDATE: The giveaway is over. All codes have been sent out. Check out our giveaway section for new giveaways!

Source: Official game homepage

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