Smite: Free Ratatoskr and G.I. Zhong Unlock Codes

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Things are literally heating up in Smite this summer! Hi-Rez Studios just released a new patch and launched the Summer of Smite event, which rewards players with a non-exclusive item for every exclusive item they purchase. As part of the summer event, the studio also released a few new god skins for their community to enjoy. As with every content update, Hi-Rez Studios wants to thoroughly celebrate the release, which is why we here at are giving away free Ratatoskr and G.I. Zhong unlock codes. The former god is a brand new release to the MOBA’s roster, whose adorable looks shouldn’t distract you from his powerful abilities. The latter has already been available in the online game for a while, but has now received a brand new skin as part of the summer event. Check it out in the video below the jump:

Ratatoskr is a mysterious addition to Smite. How he exactly came to this world is unknown. What is certain is that he is a sly messenger who is quick and accurate in battle. As a tree dweller, he relies on his connection to nature to fight his enemies, as can be seen in the more detailed description of his abilities below:

Acorn of Yggdrasil (Passive)

Whenever Ratatoskr spawns, players will find an acorn in his inventory which can be upgraded through the item store to further enhance his strength.


This attack allows the tree-dwelling god to dash into target direction dealing increasingly more damage. The cooldown is reset when he doesn’t hit enemies in more than 10 seconds.

Flurry of Acorns

Flurry of Acorns enables Ratatoskr to shoot 12 acorns in a circle around him. They freeze for a moment before returning to him, dealing damage both ways.

Acorn Blast

Ratatoskr deals damage to his enemies by shooting four acorns in a cone shape.

Through the Cosmos

For this attack, Ratatoskr shows his true tree-climbing abilities, as he jumps up three branches in a tree above him and strikes down to a designated landing location where he deals a lot of damage.

The new god plus an extra skin and the new G.I.Zhong skin!

Get Your Ratatoskr and G.I. Zhong Codes

Have we sparked your interest? If you want to add either god to your personal collection, send us an e-mail at Tell us which god you would like to win by adding either “Ratatoskr” or “G.I. Zhong” to the subject line. Share with us in the e-mail why you should win the unlock code. Keep in mind that these codes are only viable for the PC version of the MOBA. Good luck!

The G.I. Zhong and Ratatoskr giveaway are over! All codes have been sent out. Check out our giveaway section for new giveaways!

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