Smite: Free Anubis, Ah Muzen Caab and Chaac Codes in New Giveaway

05/18/2015 06:27 am by Anna Radak in GiveawaysDownload GamesPC Games



Hi-Rez Studios usually celebrates the arrival of a new god with free unlock codes. Sometimes, however, all it takes for the guys and girls behind Smite to give out free stuff is the re-work of an already existing champion. Now, Anubis has received a little makeover and is back in action, ready to rumble and bring doom upon his enemies. Not only his original look has changed though, as there's also a new skin to unlock for the Egyptian protector of the dead. Both Ah Muzen Cab and Chaac also have a new alternative skin available thanks to the latest patch. And guess what? We have free unlock codes for you!

Ah Muzen CabKiller BeeRangedHunter
ChaacBoom Chaac-a-LakaMeleeWarrior

Anubis - Ah Muzen Cab - Chaac

Here's what you need to know about this Smite giveaway: To enter, hit us up at and let us know which god you'd be most interested in by putting their name in the subject line. Keep in mind that these codes will unlock Anubis, Ah Muzen Cab and Chaac respectively, as well as their new skin, and are only viable for the PC version of the free-to-play MOBA. Good luck!

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