SmashMuck Champions
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SmashMuck Champions
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SmashMuck Champions Description

This free-to-play game is a team-based brawler that features heroes, epic battles and funny characters. Enter the arena and outsmart the enemy! Customize your champion and show others what you're made of! That way, you will gain infinite fame.


SmashMuck Champions picks up the classic MOBA design and tries to approach the popular genre in a totally different way. The free-to-play title offers more than 20 champions to choose from. Join up with four additional players to enter a ruthless fight to the death against another team of five opponents. You can demonstrate your skills in a variety of game modes, a total of eight arenas and custom games. To develop your very own play style, you have access to unique champion skins and over 600 customizable items. In a world's first, you can also craft exclusive items by yourself!

Here's a quick overview over some game modes that are currently available: Plunderball can be described as "capture the flag" and has room for a total of either six or ten players in three different arenas - Cliffside Battleground, Plunder Isle and the Frostspire Springs. All you need to do to win is invade the enemy base, steal an orb and bring it back to your own headquarters. The first team to score three times wins the match. Just remember that you can only score when your team's orb is currently in your base!

In SmashMuck Champions, Siege is a tower defense game mode. You enter the Clobberdome arena in a 5-vs-5 match and follow the objective to crush the enemy base, together with your allies. Feel free to use the giant bomb that's located in the centre of the map. Once you use it, it will blast a big hole in the enemy's base structure. Conquest requires you to capture certain outposts to bring up your score. Whoever reaches one hundred points, wins.

Then there's the Destroyer game mode, which completely innovates the MOBA experience. Join forces with your team and escort a massive combat robot, making it stronger and sturdy enough to kill off the opposing monster robot. Gauntlet will please the PvE crowd of this free-to-play title. Here, you have to face seemingly endless waves of incoming enemies.

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