Smashdown - Boxmanager
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Smashdown - Boxmanager
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Smashdown - Boxmanager Description

Become the best boxer the online world has ever seen! With the right strategy and enough strength in your arms, you can make it to the top. To succeed you need a lot of practice though...


Tactical training and massive muscle power alone are not enough to create you a boxing champion - only with the absolute will to win can you succeed in climbing the ladder to world championship in SmashDown.

What this means for you: Train your boxer and support him by promoting him purposefully. The environment of your fighter should meet his unique needs - only then will your athlete be ready for the difficult path from being a newcomer to becoming the absolute champion of SmashDown.

Whether using a left hook, a straight right or nimble footwork, try to always be on the move. In numerous training duels you practice different punches and techniques that you absolutely need for your upcoming battles.

Whether you aim for a quick KO to your opponent or fight a full ten rounds - at the end there can be only one winner.

by Kyle Hayth

Smashdown - Boxmanager Screenshots

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