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Smash Land
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Smash Land Description

Careful now, monsters in sight! Get ready to fight all kinds of creatures in this action-oriented strategy game made by the guys and girls over at Supercell. Get out your sword, magical wand, or axe and battle against these devils...


After their farm simulation Hay Day and their strategy games Clash of Clans and Boom Beach, the folks over at Supercell are bringing players to a fantasy world that all kinds of evil creatures call home. Smash Land is a free-to-play mobile game available for iPhones and iPads with iOS 7.0 and up! The title is best described as an action-oriented strategy game or a strategic, turn-based action game. Your main goal is to battle it out against your opponents in turn-based fights on various tile-based maps. The game allows you to fling your heroes and smash your enemies!

On your adventurous journey in Smash Land, you can unlock and collect a great variety of heroes, each with their own skills and abilities. Since the app is set in a fantastical world, these heroes are based on familiar fantasy classes. Choose between warriors, magicians, pirates, and assassins whose unique powers will assist you in battle. Each battle will require a specific team of heroes in order to succeed. Obviously, your opponents get increasingly more powerful the further you progress!

As though the single-player mode wasn’t enough, Smash Land also allows you to battle it out against other players from all over the world. In a fun multiplayer game mode, you can either team up with other players to achieve common goals or challenge others in heated player-versus-player battles!

As in every good strategic fighting game, practice makes perfect! The further you make it, the more you will learn how to optimally take down your enemies. The wicked creatures in Smash Land cover iconic fantasy monsters and original creatures whose appearance are bound to make you smile. These range from angry mushrooms and poisonous spiders to thunderous tree stumps.

Download Supercell’s Smash Land now in the iTunes Store and battle it out against monsters wherever and whenever you feel like it!

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