Smash Champs: Level Up Faster with New Boost Balls

12/22/2014 06:13 am by William Hankin in NewsActionAnimals

Smash Champs

Smash Champs

This Mortal Kombat meets Kung Fu Panda game, similar to Doom Warrior and Smash Down: Boxmanager, has just been updated with some cool new features. Players can now make their animal fighters even more powerful by using Boost Balls in the training mode and earning XP from kung fu matches. These glowing orbs will give players new combat skills, like Double Up, which doubles the amount of combo points, and Slow Down, which turns these animal fighters into Matrix-style slow-motion champions.  
For those of you that don’t know, Smash Champs is a free-to-play martial arts game published by Kiloo (who's also behind Subway Surfers), where players control a powerful animal warrior. Working their way through multiple training exercises players must develop their skills in the art of kung fu, engaging in PvP battles where players use a sequence of kung fu moves and combos to defeat their opponent.

The new XP feature makes it easier than ever to level up these martial arts heroes and improve their overall performance. Learn new skills in battle by collecting the XP and loot that drops after each masterful blow, using the loot to purchase items from the in-game shop, like new animal skins.
Stay tuned for more Smash Champs news!

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