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Smash Champs
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Smash Champs Description

A group consisting of various animal species follows your every command. You will decide your fighters' every single move in order to defeat your opponents. Train them in your dojo and become the leader of the best fighters in the world…


The guys and girls behind Subway Surfers have something new in store for their loyal community and for all other players who are willing to delve into this exciting new world. Smash Champs introduces a similarly colorful game full of fun adventures and tough challenges. In contrast to their endless runner, this mobile game focuses on animal heroes whose number one goal in life is to become the most accomplished fighters of them all. The app goes back and forth between the arena, where the intense fights take place, and the dojo, where knowledge is acquired and skills are learned.

You slip into the role of the great trainer and leader of the group. With your great knowledge and wisdom, you will easily turn your group of helpless animals into a distinguished group of fighters. A tutorial shows you the ropes and makes sure that you make the right decisions for your team. Your goal in this mobile game is not a small one. Your aim is to become a legend amongst the trainers of this world.

In the dojo, you train your roster of animals which includes foxes, crocodiles, gorillas, and leopards. Each character’s combat style is influenced by its species’ abilities. Constantly give them a good workout and customize them extensively to give yourself an edge over other players. The last thing you want is to drown in mediocrity.

In the arena, you can put your skills to the test. Fight against other teams and try to defeat them with the right tactics, your optimally customized fighters, and the perfect selection of items. Collect experience points, new objects, and much more by going up against others in the arena. Here, it will be decided which trainer is the most accomplished one.

The mobile game is available for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. Head over to your app store and download Smash Champs.

Smash Champs Screenshots

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Smash Champs Videos

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    10/16/2014 05:25 am - After a pre-rendered announcement trailer and a first gameplay trailer, it is now time for the folks over at Kiloo Games to introduce their champions in short videos, starting with JAG, the martial arts jaguar!...more

Smash Champs News

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