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Slide Fight
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Slide Fight Description

End the Dark Lord’s reign of terror and face other players in this mobile game as you recruit new units and slide them across the battlefield. Curious to try a unique approach to strategy gaming? Then check out this app and run your own Viking village...


Something rather unfortunate has happened while you were busy playing other games: The Dark Lord has conquered the Slide Fight lands, and now it's up to you to take them back by recruiting units and kickstarting your very own empire. This app is a strategy mobile game with a twist. Instead of automatically letting units do the dirty work for you, you are asked to slip and slide them across the battlefield to take out enemy targets. Sounds confusing? Let us back up a little bit and explain: At the beginning of every battle, both you and your opponent’s troops are placed on the field. Then you select one of your own, tap the touchscreen, pull back and launch them towards the evil minions that you are trying to annihilate. It’s quite similar to shooting birds across the screen of your smartphone or tablet in Angry Birds!

After setting up the first few structures and recruiting a batch of units, it’s time to put them on the boat and send them into battle. They are the ones to defend your honor on the Slide Fight battlefields after all! Do what you can to take back what’s rightfully yours, old islands and new territory alike. The quickest way to success in this mobile game brought to you by ZeptoLab (King of Thieves) is to bring out the best in your warriors and make use of their strengths. The higher the speed when flinging Vikings across the screen, the bigger the impact! Hitting nasty combos will certainly pay off.

Every successful battle in Slide Fight will reward you with experience and gold coins. Both are needed if you want to make it all the way to the top in this fun mobile game. As you unlock new levels and gain access to more advanced units, taking on the Dark Lord’s minions will get trickier and trickier. This will prepare you for online battles against other players which - at one point or another - will have to happen if you want to participate in Slide Fight world championships.

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