SlickSleeve: Free-to-Play Military Browser Game Launched

05/04/2011 10:21 am in News

Publishers unikat media announced yesterday the successful launch of their free-to-play browser game, SlickSleeve. The game lets you live the life of a soldier in the US Army and experience everything it has to offer.


Recently ported from the German version of the game, Schulterglatze, SlickSleeve puts you in the shoes of a soldier in the United States Army.

Though SlickSleeve is not officially licensed by the US Military, unikat media, publishers of the game, have already stated that they are trying to contact the proper institutions to do so. Thus making the game that much more realistic for you, the players.

Although SlickSleeve is centered on somewhat serious subject matter, there are still many light-hearted and satirical elements to it. Simply head over to the Black Market to find some of these things and have fun!

Source: Press release
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