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SlickSleeve Description

Train hard and learn the skills necessary to succeed in the harsh life of a soldier. Choose your unit and become the best soldier the army has ever seen...


SlickSleeve is a free-to-play browser game that puts you in the shoes of a soldier. You must train up from a nothing to become a true hero for your country. Only through hard work and dedication can you make this happen – so get on it soldier!

In SlickSleeve, there are two different ways which you can train to improve yourself. There are training courses, which usually take longer to complete, and general training which is quicker and improves your basic military skills. Ranging from political skills to map reading abilities, almost every aspect of your soldier is trainable.

However, even the best soldier needs equipment to get the job done and in SlickSleeve, there are no exceptions. You will have to purchase equipment to outfit your soldier. The better equipment that you buy, the more expensive it may become.

To make some money and get your hands on some of those high-grade goodies, you can do tours of combat in SlickSleeve. Although the risk is higher that you may get seriously injured, combat pay is worth it!

In addition to your standard activities, you can head over to the Black Market in SlickSleeve to blow off some steam. Here you will find Paintball, magic lamps, ballerinas and everything in between to help you relax and enjoy yourself between missions.

Do you have what it takes to become a true soldier? SlickSleeve will test your will to reach new heights and find your inner strength as a soldier. Train hard and learn quickly if you want to survive in this army.

by Kyle Hayth

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