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Slapshot Description

A combination of an action-packed underground game and hockey sports simulation. Discover numerous special moves and compete as a team against others...


The time of sports simulations in tabular form is over. Nowadays, users expect appealing graphics. Slaphot provides you with more than that.
Slapshot is a client game where you as a hockey player compete together with your team against teams from around the world. In this game, fair play counts less than the coolness of your virtual character.

In Slapshot, you have the opportunity to regularly compete in tournaments and league games with the other users. Moreover, there is a complete sponsorship system through which you can gain additional resources. It goes without saying that you will need all the money you can get. After all, Slapshot offers an extensive range of equipment which protects your player during the game and is absolutely necessary if you want to win.

The underground setting is displayed in a high-resolution 3D graphics. Therefore, it is necessary to download the game files after registering and install them on your computer. The download is free. You only need to dig into your real pockets if you want to have optional premium items to receive playing benefits.

by Kyle Hayth

Slapshot Screenshots

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