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Skyrama Description

Ever wanted to have your very own airport or at least manage one? Well, now you can do both in this free-to-play browser game as you get to be the director of an airport!


Skyrama is a free-to-play tycoon game that lets you build, manage, and direct your very own airport in a fun and engaging environment. You get to call the shots and travel around the world while meeting thousands of other players from all over the globe.

Starting with just a little terminal, you will have to build up your airport to something respectable in Skyrama. You can add various buildings that are sure to make more passengers want to visit your airport and keeps ‘em coming back.

Various planes are also available to you in Skyrama. Use these planes to help carry passengers to their destinations and manage resources. There is an emphasis on co-operative game play in this browser game so you have to make sure to keep an eye on your neighbors!

Not only will you be tasked with managing cargo, daily flight plans, and other objectives, but you will also be able to organize air shows. Try to "wow" the crowd with spectacular airplanes and great accommodations. If you do a good job, you will be rewarded with experience and money. Experience is important because you can raise your level and unlock new planes and other buildings. Of course, once you unlock all those goodies you need to have enough money to also purchase them!

Skyrama features a very user-friendly interface that makes it easy to get all of your tasks done on the tarmac. Keep track of your flights and try to make sure that everyone can get to their destination on time. Never forget the micromanagement of your airport which would be a lot harder to keep track of if it wasn't for the simple controls.

The fun environment of Skyrama will provide you with nearly endless things to do, from collecting souvenirs to running your airport; there is surely always something that you can do. Just make sure to make friends as well because you will need them to help get stuff done!

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