Skylanders Battlegrounds
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Skylanders Battlegrounds
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Skylanders Battlegrounds Description

Assemble your very own squad of Skylanders and use their unique abilities to make your way through the world of this mobile game. Defeating tough monsters and playing through puzzles will reward you handsomely, so make sure to bring your A-game...


From Pokémon to Digimon: The world of video games is home to popular franchises that have spawned various forms of entertainment. The concept of having different fantasy creatures fight for you and follow your every command seems to be of interest for players of all ages and the Skylanders series, albeit straying a little bit off the beaten path, fits that category. Now you can bring your characters to life by joining Skylanders Battlegrounds and using them to explore the Overworld. The free-to-play mobile game gives you two options to add more monsters to your roster: Buy them with in-game or premium currency online or purchase physical figures in the nearest toy store.

Having multiple champions at your disposal when playing Skylanders Battlegrounds is the way to go. All you have to do to save a Skylander from being defeated by an enemy is to switch it out with a different one before the opposing target can land a lethal blow. The warriors have unique abilities with which they can cause massive damage to others, buff themselves or swiftly get past obstacles in the fantasy world. Drag and slide your fingers across the screen of your mobile device to move your character, collect valuable boons and open up treasure chests. Keep in mind that all heroes belong to one (or multiple) elements ranging from Life to Fire to Water. Their unique skills will give you certain advantages on the battlefield.

As you fill your Skylander Battlegrounds squad with additional heroes like Spyro or Wash Buckler, you will understand the importance of gaining experience points. Your champions have to level up to become more powerful. Extra upgrades can be unlocked by spending either diamonds or gold pieces, both of which are difficult to get by while playing the action game on your Android or iOS phone and tablet, so you better give your best while playing the mobile game either at home or on the go!

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