Skyforge: Meet The Witch Just in Time for Halloween

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The Witch Is an Appropriate Choice for Halloween

The free-to-play MMORPG Skyforge has been around for a while now. While many classes have been available from the very beginning of the game's launch, we thought it might be appropriate to shed some light on one of the more Halloween relevant classes that the roleplaying game has to offer. The Witch is one of the more advanced classes in Skyforge, although many players have argued that she is still more straightforward than some of the other advanced classes such as the Alchemist or Knight. Either way, you will find her in the deeper end of the Ascension Atlas. As you would expect, she is a master of magic and arcane arts. The Witch adds a layer of magic and sorcery to the sci-fi meets fantasy game.

Skyforge Gets a New Class

Skyforge Gets a New Class

The Witch is designed to skirt around the edges of a battle, controlling enemies with spells and dealing damage from afar. Not unlike the typical sorceress from folklore and fairy tales, the Witch in Skyforge also has a broom which improves her agility and helps her evade attacks from foes.

The Witch in Skyforge

Unique Skillset

The magical class has two stances to choose from, each with their own benefits. The Curse stance is the default setting. It includes a number of damage-over-time spells and abilities that spread through enemy ranks. The Extermination stance, however, is more of a burst damage style, as it removes any skills currently afflicting the target. It deals massive amounts of damage.

The Witch is the perfect class for players that like to be in control of a battle, while dealing loads of damage at the same time. Anyone that is interested in checking out this class should head over to the official Skyforge website by clicking the button below!

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