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With the addition of the new expansion called Ascension, a lot of things will change in the free-to-play MMORPG Skyforge. The add-on will basically change the entire course of action in the online game by adding a campaign map. Publisher and developers Allods Team have given some new details on the new feature.

The Map of Aelion, which is the fantasy world in Skyforge, will be the starting point for all adventures of invincible heroes who are on their way to becoming a god. The main plot will lead players through the nine provinces of the fantasy game. Players will unlock new activities and classes by progressing. According to the developers, it will be possible to unlock new content much more quickly in Ascension. Players only have to reach a new region to delve into new adventures.

The Regional Map features all kinds of different symbols that mark where Regions, Squad adventures, Group adventures, Raids, test areas, and the latest Invasion activities are located. There are also some structures that are of importance. Strongholds appear in all regions that were liberated from assaulting forces. They reward players with bonuses replacing most of the nodes in the general Ascension Atlas. Strongholds can also be improved by completing certain quests and raising the structures’ Might.

Equally as important are the new Class Temples where players can unlock new classes for the roleplaying game simply by reaching these structures. There will be no more Class Atlas in Skyforge. Newly unlocked classes will obviously only have limited skills, but new abilities can be unlocked by completing the quests in the Class Temples.

Last but not least, there is also the Capital, which includes the Tower of Knowledge which is replacing the Vectors system, the Cathedral which is replacing the Equipment Amplifiers, and the Trophy Hall where Victor’s Medals will be stored.

Source: Official game homepage

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