Skyforge: Celebrating Birthday with Big Update

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It’s hard to believe that it’s almost been an entire year since the free-to-play MMORPG Skyforge went into its open beta, and as you might know, public testing basically accounts for a launch these days in the online gaming industry. Naturally, the publisher and the development studio Allods Entertainment are planning on thoroughly celebrating the one-year anniversary of their science-fiction-meets-fantasy game. The studios will start a big celebration on July 13th, where players can view some fun statistics about the roleplaying game, light off some fireworks, and receive some special rewards. According to the official announcement, the developers will reveal more details on the celebration as the date gets closer.

Right in time for its one-year anniversary, Skyforge is also getting its next major game update that will bring a lot of exciting things to the MMORPG. Battle of Equals will focus on significant changes, new features, and new content. Among many other things, players can look forward to many improvements including new reliquaries, an improved Catch-up system, legendary trophies, and an extended Atlas.

The Battle of Equals is coming to Skyforge in July!

Additionally, the patch brings a new region to the world of Aelion called the Antean Wasteland. This barren desert is filled with giant worms, rogue sandstorms, and a unique method of progression. Another central part of the update focuses on an equalized PvP tournament that allows all combatants to battle it out against each other in 3v3 matches.

The full patch notes will be released as the date of its release gets closer.

Source: Official game homepage

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