Skyforge: Akonitas‘ Invasion Has Begun

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A new adventure has been released for the free-to-play MMORPG Skyforge focusing on the attack of the devious alien leader called Akonitas. As the evil leader of the Gorgonides, she has made it her goal to invade and conquer the world of Aelion. Players will have to try everything in their power to save the planet by stopping the invasion.

Akonita and her devious minions have landed on Aelion with their spaceship armada, and it is up to the Skyforge community to defeat them. In order to access the matriarchal leader’s ship, players must have reached at least level 21. It is recommended that only more advanced players participate in the fight against Akonita, as newer players will find it very difficult to defeat her. Anyone who wants to defeat the evil leader have to fight through the challenging corridors of the mothership. Naturally, it is swarming with all kinds of obstacles, riddles, and numerous enemies. Constant communication amongst the team will be important to successfully make it through this challenge.

At the very beginning of the invasion, Akonita still has her full power. It makes sense to complete some missions first to weaken her powers. The developers over at Allods advise players to not rely on well-established tactics when fighting against the evil leader. Akonita has unique abilities and attacks players in three repeating waves. One moment of carelessness and the battle can be over.

Source: Official game homepage

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