Skyforge: New Trailer for Hostile Territories

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Skyforge: Battle Dangerous Enemies in the Hostile Territories

The team behind MMORPG Skyforge have just released a new trailer for their latest content update. The free-to-play game is receiving a huge new update, allowing players to venture into areas and complete missions like never before.

Shortly after the announcement of the Crucible of the Gods update, we are getting more news from the Skyforge camp about their free-to-play MMORPG.

Portals to Dangerous Worlds

The legendary Tessa Temple is difficult for normal adventurers to find. Only the demi-gods of Aelia are strong enough to discover these hidden locations. In this temple lies the secret to travelling to some of the most far flung regions in the universe, called Hostile Territories. Players now have the chance to travel through portals to these Hostile Territories, to continue the fight to keep Aelion safe.

The new content focuses on these portals to Hostile Territories, and challenges players to defeat enemies stronger than they have ever faced. In order to reap the rewards available, players will have to form strong teams and alliances to take down the enemies on the other side of these otherworldly portals. As players venture deeper into these dangerous and deadly areas, the enemies get much more difficult, but the rewards become much rarer.

Players Travel to Resonators to Gain Rewards

The Hostlie Territories are designed to be tackled by groups of up to 5 players, and tackling them as a single warrior will prove to be a grave mistake. The way that these new dungeons work, is by providing players with a linear path through steadily more difficult bosses. Once a group has completed a boss, they are given the option to cash out and take the rewards, or continue battling through the dangerous Hostile Territories in order to gain even more loot and honor.

We will keep you updated on any more news that we get about Skyforge, but until then, click the button below and check out the content yourself, completely for free!

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