Skyforge: Welcome to Open Beta

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After various stress tests and beta events,, Obsidian Entertainment, and Allods Team are finally ready to send Skyforge into open beta. Finally, anyone interested in the MMORPG can simply head over to the official website and register an account. There are no more beta keys, restrictions, or beta weekends. Now it’s time to give the servers a run for their money as more and more people roam the world of Skyforge. It is really worth registering an account rather sooner than later, as anyone who delves into the fantasy world before July 23rd will be able to call a unique Mechanic Costume their own. Founder’s Pack owners have already been able to play the RPG for more than a week. In order to celebrate the soft-launch, the studio behind the MMOalso released a brand new open beta trailer.

Skyforge is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game that features an interesting blend of mythological fantasy elements and futuristic technologies. The game offers more than 15 different classes to explore including the Paladin, the Cryomancer, and the Lightbinder among others. While the developers are currently focused on a smooth start into open beta, players can expect new updates and features to hit Skyforge in the next few weeks. According to the development team, open beta is only the beginning for the title.

Source: Official game homepage

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