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What to expect:
  • Explore a Mysterious World above the Clouds
  • Charmingly Presented Story
  • Customize Your Island
  • Play with Friends
  • Available for Free in Your Browser
  • Mobile Games
  • Online Games
  • Simulation
  • Building Games
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Explore a mysterious fantasy world in SkyDale!

A mysterious, floating world awaits you in the free-to-play browser game called SkyDale. Build your own home above the clouds!


It all begins with a hard fall in the free-to-play browser based game called SkyDale. For unknown reasons, you have crashed on a strange world with a parachute. The parachute really didn’t do its job, as this was anything but a smooth landing. You awake to realize that there are several small fires all around you, which you can only assume to be the wreckage of your plane.

A Friendly Guide at Your Side

Before you even have time to panic, you meet a friendly companion who is there to help you out! The friendly, fox-like creature called Tilki is an expert at giving advice – just don’t expect any active help from him. He immediately points out that you are lucky since you are physically unharmed, but must’ve hit your head pretty hard considering that you don’t remember anything. The talking animal guides you through the gameplay mechanics of SkyDale and shows you all the ropes of the game.

It doesn’t take very long for you to realize that you are not on Earth anymore. Somehow, you have crash-landed on a mysterious world above the clouds, made up of floating islands. There’s no need to stand around and worry about that though, as there are other more pressing matters. For once, you have to extinguish the fires in order to save your new friend from getting burned. After that, you start collecting resources, build your first workbench, and start creating useful tools such as a machete and a shovel. Over the course of your adventure, you will learn many new skills that allow you to make use of more and more materials. One of your first bigger goals will be to build a bridge made of ropes in order to get to the next floating island.

Play SkyDale with Friends

As you progress, you will constantly explore more of the mysterious, floating world. Get ready for an exciting story and meet more characters that need your help. You also have the option to play SkyDale with your friends as you customize the islands according to your own taste. Sign up with your Facebook account in order to invite all of your friends to the browser game.

SkyDale Screenshots

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