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Sky Punks
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Sky Punks Description

Explore Neo Terra as you dash through the sky as quickly as your futuristic GlideWing allows you to. Use your magic crystals to defeat any rival GlideWing riders as you increasingly get faster…


We all love the idea of being able to fly around fantastical landscapes on your very own glider. Just look at the history of sci-fi and fantasy franchises: Anakin Skywalker showcased his skills in a podracing event, Harry Potter is a natural talent on his broom, and Marty McFly outperforms his peers on his hoverboard. What if we told you that you can fly through and over diverse landscapes on your very own GlideWing in this endless runner? Released by Rovio Stars, the publishing department of the Angry Birds studio, Sky Punks allows you to dash across mysterious and unpredictable lands. It's ironic actually that while the Angry Birds could not fly or even glide, these humans and fantastical creatures are masters at it!

Sky Punks is set in a fantastical future world called Neo Terra. You are the leader of a daring team of punks that you get to assemble. You can meet new characters, unlock them, and add them to your team as you progress through the racing game. The app’s gameplay is very similar to the typical endless runner genre. You control your protagonist as he or she quickly dashes through diverse levels. Your main goal is to evade any obstacles that are coming your way by swiping into one direction or the other. Ducking or gliding above certain obstacles is certainly necessary. On top of that, you should keep an eye open for the valuable magical crystals. These are not only important to defeat inimical GlideWing riders, but also to unlock new add-ons and customizations for your vehicle.

Aside from magical crystals, you also need to collect coins which will further allow you to purchase new items and boosts for your gliders. The further you progress through the game, the more you will learn about your team of punks.

The free-to-play app is available for iPhones and iPads with iOS 7.0 or higher and for all Android devices.

Sky Punks Screenshots

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Sky Punks News

  • Sky Punks: New Rovio Game Released

    04/09/2015 06:38 am - Another new IP has been released by Rovio Stars, the publishing department of Rovio Entertainment which supports development studios in bringing their products to the masses. After Jolly Jam and Plunder Pirates, it is time for Sky Punks to step into...more

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