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Sky Legends
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Sky Legends Description

Take to the skies in your very own zippy customised airplane and fly your way to victory, as you fight against your enemies in this free-to-play airborne browser game...


Sky Legends is a browser-based MMO with imaginative graphics that takes you to the heights of the sky. Fully customise your own airplane, fight against other players and expand your hangar by purchasing and remodelling a whole fleet of planes.

In Sky Legends you can choose from a vast number of airplanes with which to roam the colourful skies in. Deck out a military-style bomber with powerful machine guns and artillery, or speed through the sky in a manoeuvrable light plane. Using the intuitive flight controls you dash in and out of your opponents line of fire, showing off your many varying mid-air moves.

You will find a thrilling and competitive fighting arena in the web game Sky Legends - brave the sky-high battle alone, or form an impressive squadron of pilots and join in the multi-player action. There are three combat modes in the game, including the Dog Fight, the Team Dog Fight and Capture the Flag, each providing exciting challenges and a chance to display all of your aeronautical skills.

With a blend of PvP combat and large all-in aerial battles, in Sky Legends you are taken to new heights. Climb the ranks as a professional pilot as you bring down your opponents and claim victory. With each combative success, comes unique rewards and experience. Use the earned rewards to improve the appearance and mechanics of your airplane. Expand from one airplane into a large fully customised fleet in your own personal hangar. Modify your planes with new weaponry, fresh coats of paint, and extra features to help give you more advantages over your competitors.

The online game Sky Legends has unique colourful graphics, which are observed from the console-like cockpit of your fitted-out plane. In the game you will find exciting battles, as well as detailed airplane customisation options. Put your flying goggles on and get ready for sky-high action.

by Kyle Hayth

Sky Legends Screenshots

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