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SimCity BuildIt Description

There are many build-up simulations on the market. None of them can compare to the mother of them all. You are the mayor of your metropolis and responsible for making sure that your city flourishes and your citizens are content…


The city-building simulation series SimCity has been around since 1989. Several installments and spin-offs have continued the legacy and introduced the franchise to several generations of gamers. SimCity BuildIt (“build it”) is yet another spin off in Electronic Arts’ popular gaming series that allows you to take complete control over a city. In contrast to the other installments for PC and consoles, this title was specifically created for iOS and Android devices. Take your metropolis with you, wherever you go. While the general goal of the simulation remains the same, its gameplay has been adapted for mobile devices.

In SimCity BuildIt, you are the mayor of a giant metropolis. Well, you will be if you act wisely. In the beginning of the mobile game, you only have a giant, empty map that is waiting to be covered in buildings. There are industrial zones, residential zones, and commercial zones. Choose wisely how much of every zone is needed to create a balance and establish a thriving city. A city is only successful when its citizens are happy. Make sure that you fulfil their wishes and cater to their needs without making compromises that you will regret. Who would want to live right next to a factory or a dump? Nevertheless, both are essential for a growing city. Monuments, parks, and museums will give your metropolis the special something and make your citizens happier!

Being a successful mayor also means looking ahead and being prepared for emergencies and accidents. Forgot to build a fire department? You’ll regret it once the first fire breaks out and burns down a considerable part of your city. Think of all the potential dangers and try to be prepared.

The mobile game SimCity BuildIt is available for all iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Go to your app store and download it on your mobile device.

SimCity BuildIt Screenshots

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SimCity BuildIt News

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