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Silkroad R
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Silkroad R Description

Experience the ancient cultures of Europe, Asia and the Middle East in this free-to-play MMORPG. Write your own story and become a legend in the ancient world!


The Silk Road was a major cultural and economic trading gateway which linked the Far East to Western Europe. In this free-to-play online game, you will have the chance to experience this ancient trading route like never before and embark on challenging adventures.

In the fantasy world of Silkroad R, there are a massive amount of quests which you can complete. Based on an episode system, the quests will take you through the stories and legends of many different countries and cultures, such as Arabian, Greek and more. These quests give you the chance to live in these legends and tales while earning experience.

There are many unique skills and abilities available to you in Silkroad R. Not only does every class have their own set of skills, the characters feature skills or abilities native to their homeland. For example, the Islamic characters have the ability to control lamp elves while the European characters can call upon the powers of Greek gods.

The world in Silkroad R is dynamic and ever-changing. This means you will never experience the same thing twice while at the same time, you will be presented with new challenges and situations.

In addition to offering you countless quests and action-packed fighting, Silkroad R features social aspects as well. One of the major ones is the guild system. You can join up with a group of like-minded individuals under one banner and take on the challenges of the fantasy world together.

Seeing as Silkroad R is a new, free-to-play version of the already popular Silkroad Online, there are also some improvements that have come along. This means you level up faster than before as well as improved content for balance between tribes and classes.

by Kyle Hayth

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