Silent Hunter Online: Learn the Tasks of Your U-Boat Officers

07/16/2012 03:25 am by Kyle Hayth in Tips & Tricks

It is important that every captain of a U-Boat knows their subordinates and that is why we here at have taken the time to collect the information on your officers and let you get to know them a little bit better. Each officer can support you in a different way and has different, unique skills.

Weapons Officer

The weapons officer is the go-to man when you want to get your targets acquired, as well as estimating the distance and speed of said target. This officer also calculates the torpedo fire solution but he is not necessary to fire them.

The Weapons Officer and the Watch Officer.

Watch Officer

When it comes to missions, there are often critical targets that need to be hit. The watch officer will help you identify them and provide valuable intel on those enemies ships. Use his skills to determine the type of ship, the build date and even its’ home base.

Chief Engineer

In the case of any emergency, the chief engineer is your number one officer. You can order him to perform a crash dive to avoid incoming enemy attacks or switch to silent running when hiding from destroyers. He can also repair damage you take during combat with his team and recharge batteries when they are low.

The Chief Engineer and the Navigator.


Like his namesake, the navigator is incredibly useful when it comes to navigating through the seas. He can set a course for your home base but also assist in pursuing targets that are out of combat range. The navigator also provides important information regarding your current route and calculate fuel and supply consumption when you reach your destination.
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