Silent Hunter Online: Batten Down the Hatches – The Closed Beta Has Begun

02/05/2013 04:02 am by Kyle Hayth in NewsBrowser GamesUnderwater

Silent Hunter Online

Silent Hunter Online

It seems that some new information has risen from the depths that may cause fans of the upcoming title to lose their ballast – the Closed Beta testing phase has officially begun. This first test of Silent Hunter Online will put it through its paces and show what it really has to offer players.

Featuring a new website and with a new trailer in-tow, the Closed Beta has started. Though the title was announced quite a while ago, there was really no news released other than a couple bits of info about officers and whatnot.

For those of you looking to get your hands on some of those oh-so-precious Beta keys, you can head over to the Silent Hunter Online homepage and register there. Just put in your email address, cross your fingers and wait. In the meantime, you can check out that fancy new trailer...
If you potential captains out there would like to get a little more knowledgeable before taking control of the periscope, you can check out a number of tips we have prepared for Silent Hunter Online.

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