Silent Hunter Online
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Silent Hunter Online
What to expect:
  • Play for Free in your Browser
  • Command a Submarine on Dangerous Missions
  • Full 3D Detailed Graphics
  • Huge Single Player Campaign
  • Team up with Friends in Co-Op Battles
  • Browser Games
  • Underwater
  • Online Games
  • PvP
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Become a Sub Commander for Free in Your Browser

Every sound you make could give you away – use superior tactics to complete your mission and make it home safely in Silent Hunter Online.


Silent Hunter Online is the next game in the Silent Hunter series, offering players the chance to be a sub commander and embark on dangerous missions. Utilizing Adobe Flash Player 11, players will have the chance to experience a 3D world full of danger while hunting down targets in the world’s oceans.

Silent Hunter Online is a free-to-play, browser-based sub simulation game (quite a bunch of nouns) that lets you take on the role of a commander and lead your crew to victory. You must be ready to use new tactics and develop strong strategies that will let you sink the enemy ships before they even know you are there. Only those who do so will have a chance at surviving.

Silent Hunter Online features an in-depth, dynamic campaign which will tie the fate of all players together. The actions of individual players, whether success or failure, will affect the entire “Battle of the Atlantic” campaign. That means you must be ever mindful of your actions as you hunt down your targets.

In addition to featuring a lengthy single-player campaign, Silent Hunter Online offers players the chance to participate in co-op missions. For the first time ever in the Silent Hunter series, you will be able to team up with a buddy and take on challenging missions, relying on one another and each other’s skills.

Silent Hunter Online will challenge you to use your skills either alone or alongside your friends to send enemy ships to the bottom of the ocean as you complete missions in a long-running campaign to control the Atlantic.

As mentioned above, Ubisoft's submarine war game is available for free in the browser of your choice. All you have to do to battle it out against other players is register an account. Consider the title a mix between a submarine simulator and a strategic war game. The right tactic will allow you to succeed against your enemies.

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