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SiegeLord Description

Which faction of humanity will you fight for? You decide, as you embark on an MMO adventure that will see three warring lands fight for the control of the continent. Have you got what it takes to lead an army, build an empire, and take over the world?


Enter a world hell-bent on domination and power of the surrounding lands in this free-to-play real time strategy game, where each faction wants nothing more that to conquer its neighboring territories. Choose which faction of humanity you are going to fight for as you lead an army of merciless soldiers into battle, fighting to become the most powerful emperor who has control of the entire continent. Which SiegeLord side will you join?

The Kingdom of Albion are the most economically advanced of all the factions. Their lands are filled with deep water ports, with vast areas that are rich in valuable minerals. Their main objective is to reap the benefits of the surroundings lands, while trying to bring a lasting peace to its neighbors.

The Empire of Gorm used to be the most wealthy of all the factions and still carry with them a sense of superiority when compared with their neighbors. Emperor Cleon rules this land and he is greedy for more power and wealth, and eager to restore their status as the leading faction once more.

The Nord Alliance, or The Nords of the North, are the most rightful rulers of the continent, as they were the first people to settle upon its shores. While they may be simple in mind, they are strong in body and make mean, powerful warriors.

Like other strategy games, namely Sparta: War of Empires and Tribal Wars 2, once you have chosen your faction it is time to dive into the chaos that is SiegeLord, guiding your soldiers throughout the lands in the hope of conquering new areas and defeating your enemy’s armies. This is a game of power and domination where you must strategize your every move in order to outwit your opponents. Grow an army of powerful soldiers as you develop your battle tactics in this free-to-play RTS. Recruit generals to lead your troops and uncover powerful relics of the fallen empire to forge new mythical weapons and upgrade your soldiers.

SiegeLord Screenshots

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